ProjectManager Application Features

Key Features of 0.1 (released beginning November 2005)

  • Bundle-extensible project types.
  • Standard project types:
    • Aggregate
    • Application
      • Document-based application
      • Simple one-window application
      • Empty application project
    • Bundle
  • Support for editing various project attributes via graphics (e.g. associated file types for an application project).
  • Support for hierarchical project file layouts in user-defined ``categories'' (sort-of like directories, but not on disk, only virtually). Full drag and drop integration.
  • Make system build integration and GCC output interpretation with feedback to the integrated code editor.
  • Subprojects support.
  • Integrated code editor with features like ``indentation following'', tab conversion and block highlighting.

Key Features of 0.1.2 (released around December 2005)

  • New on-the-fly syntax highlighting built into the code editor with syntax definitions for common programming language types.

Key Features and Changes Planned for 0.2 (to be released around the end of April 2006)

  • Complete internal restructuring and refactoring - PM is in bad need for a more flexible modular architecture, and that's what it will get.
  • New PM-specific iconset.
  • Refined project creating wizard (based on the WizardKit).
  • Significantly restructured project and main menu layout to provide better orientation.
  • Easier framework manipulation - it's integrated with project file management.
  • Refined subprojects handling.
  • Expanded project types support to:
    • Aggregate
    • Application with templates for
      • An empty new app completely from scratch
      • A simple app with a ready made controller class and Gorm file
      • A document-based app with a document class defined and Gorm files for the document and main menu.
    • Bundle
    • Framework/Shared Library - allows easily building the project as both a framework and shared library to quickly cover different deployment needs.
    • Gorm Palette
  • Many small improvements, bugfixes and other nice things.

Key Features Planned for 0.3 (Release date not yet known)

  • Integrate the GDB debugger.
  • Implement project symbol indexing.